About Tim Cunliffe

Welcome to my work and passions. I have written this and related websites in goodwill, all I ask in return is your support for the environment on which our futures depend, and for which we owe a great debt - Earth has lost 58% of its wildlife over the last 40 years, a truth for which we are all responsible.

I was born in Leeds (England) and now live in Durham. Having spent the early part of my career in General Practice I now spend much of my working time in the speciality of Dermatology with a particular interest in skin cancer. I am an enthusiast of education and the author of the Primary Care Dermatology Society website.

My ethos is simple - work hard, play hard and give back what I have taken from the environment, and by developing my websites I hope I can encourage you to do the same. The speed at which we continue to destroy our planet is alarming, the rate of deforestation is equivalent to losing an area the size of 20 football pitches every minute - the primary cause is the unsustainable lifestyle of the western world. By joining the World Wildlife Fund or other conservation societies you can make a big difference with only minimal effort. Unless we are all prepared to give a little back then we will leave our children a world that has lost much of its riches.

I would like to thank my amazing children, Madeleine and Jacob, my beautiful wife, Deborah, my mum and dad and my wider family for all their support. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my colleague and friend Neil Evans who helped design this website along with my dermatology website www.pcds.org.uk - Neil has always provided a friendly and high quality service and he could not be recommended highly enough. If you would like to contact Neil please visit his website at www.modeten.com or mail him directly at neil@modeten.com